Ground Up Pro Driver Training is not only about training to drive, it’s about providing the foundation for success in the transportation industry. Learning to become part of a team in a growing industry. We use full length tractor trailers with full road legal axle weights

We offer opportunity for job placement and training in the forest industry.

Sponsorship for students that qualify is provided by work BC, Tricorp, Pgnatea. There is also sponsorship available from transportation companies.

Having been in the transportation industry for over thirty years, we have noticed that many of the new drivers looking for employment were having problems. The source of many of the difficulties begin with learning to drive while hauling a 48’ trailer, While learning with a shorter trailer is easier, in the long run, it does not produce a widely employable driver. For this reason, we teach only on a 53’ trailer, this is the industry standard in this area and builds a much stronger foundation from which to build a career in the transportation industry.