Details of the courses we offer are below. If you need more information, check the FAQ or get in contact with us directly.

Air Brake Endorsement

16 hour course over two days, 12 hours theory, 4 hours practical. Course runs second weekend of every month with a minimum of four students.  You must obtain 80% or better on the ICBC written test.

Cost: $220


Class 3

This 18 hour course addresses the safe operation of a class three tandem axle truck preparing the student to work in various fields including gravel truck, garbage truck and vacuum truck.  The student will learn the art of shifting, observation and road positioning, as well as pre trip inspection. Air brake course is not included.

Cost: $3200


Class 1 Basic

This 30 hour program addresses the safe and correct method of operating a tractor trailer unit. As a student, you will learn the art of observation, road position, the pre trip inspection. Log book rules, tire chain installation and repair, as well as in town driving. Road test time is included, air brake course not included.

Cost: $4200


Class 1 Advance

This 50 hour course includes all the class 1 basic training as well as hauling a Super-B trailer, trailer connect and disconnect, backing up, load positioning and securement. Also included will be light maintenance, a review on axel weight allowable.  Highway driving including shifting on hills, radio etiquette, and driving on resource roads. Air Brake course is not included.

Cost: $7500




ICBC testing costs and medical examination costs not included in pricing.

Single lesson rate is based at $160.00 per hour with a minimum of three hours.

All packages include the use of the company vehicle for road test.

There will be no charge to repeat a road test one time, if it needs to be repeated a third time, the charge for the use of the equipment is $200.00.

All drive training is one on one, however occasionally a third person may be present for observation purposes.