These are the most common questions we receive. If your question isn’t answered here, please don’t hesitate┬áto contact us directly.

What does an air brake course cost?

$220 plus ICBC $15.00 for your knowledge test, test score of 80% or better to pass.

How long are the courses?

16 hours over two days.

How often are the courses offered?


Do we need to supply anything?

No, all necessary equipment is supplied

What courses do you offer?

Air brake course, class 1 and 3 driver training, House trailer endorsement code 07. Recreational (RV) trailers exceeding 4,600kg providing neither the truck nor trailer has air brakes. Heavy trailer endorsement code 20, trailers or towed vehicles exceeding 4,600 kg providing neither the truck nor trailer has air brakes. Any motor vehicle or combination of vehicles in class 5.

Why would I take your course for the House Trailer or Heavy Trailer Endorsement?

If you already own a house trailer over 4200kg, you don’t need to take our course if you are comfortable to learn on your own. If. however, you are planning to buy a large fifth wheel and are not experienced and comfortable towing it, this course is for you. The same goes for the heavy trailer endorsement, if you need this course you know it.

What is a certified air brake course?

A certified Air Brake course is a 20 hour course over three days. This course includes a pre-trip certificate. If you’re planning to go on to get your class 1 or 3, you will still need to do the air brake pre-trip as part of your driving exam. We do not offer this course.

Do I need to take my air brakes and driving lessons at the same school?

No, if you have your air brakes you can take driving lessons at any school you choose.

Are there any course pre-requisites?

You must have a class 5 drivers license and a clean drivers abstract.

Do employers recognize the training offered by your school?


Is there an age limit for attending Ground Up Pro Driver Training?

There is, you must be 18 years of age to take the Class 3 program and 19 years of age for the Class 1 program.

How long do I have after taking the Air Brakes Course do I have to write the ICBC knowledge test?

If you’ve taken the 16 hour course, you have up to one year. If the course you’ve taken was 20 hours, you have up to one month.